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Install Timer runs script only once

Question asked by rbjork on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by rbjork

The script below runs the script "AutoMetaDataLoader" only one time after the specified interval of 60 seconds. My understanding is the script should be launched again and again every 60 seconds.  The two scripts are below(first the timer script and second the target script to run periodically(60 sec).


Trigger Script:

Install OnTimer Script [ "AutoMetaDataLoader"; Interval: 60 ]


AutoMetaDataLoader Script:

Go to Layout ["TnT" (Copy of Dennis): Animation:None]

Show All Records

Insert from URL [Select; With dialog: On; $$json; "http://localhost:5110/getlastmetafile"]

Set Variable [$filepath; Value: JSONGetElement ($$json: "filename")]

Import Records [With dialog: On; "$filepath"]


I need AutoMetaDataLoader to run repeatably every 60 seconds - not just once.