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Upgrading Client's FileMaker

Question asked by cmead on Jun 15, 2018
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Hello everyone,


We are an small MSP and have a client (non-profit) who is currently running Filemaker Server/Pro. They had Filemaker before they became a client of ours and they want to upgrade to the latest versions now. That's fine, except we've never had a client with Filemaker so we really don't know much about it, installation caveats, licensing info, etc. We're just looking for some guidance/thoughts on the best path.


So their current setup is like this:

Filemaker Server v13 running on some HP All-In-One (no idea why).

Filemaker Pro v12 running on a server (Server 2008R2) w/ terminal services installed (however...when I've been on, i've never seen any sessions/active users in the management panel // there are about 20 local user accounts on the server itself, and people remote in to use FMPro12). People do remote-in from outside the office.

Filemaker Pro v12 is also installed on a couple other machines in the office.

They have multiple databases, though i'm sure that doesn't any difference


The goal, in my mind, would be:

Upgrade Filemaker Server & Pro to v17 and have them both installed on the server with RDS running and have everyone remote-in (The couple machines that have it installed locally on their computers may want to keep it like that though rather than remoting-in).


The questions I had would be:

1. Can Filemaker Server & Pro both be installed on the Server w/ RDS? Is there a reason they have Filemaker Server installed on a different machine?

2. What would the licensing look like? Would it be 1 Server license, User # Pro Volume Licenses, 2 Standalone Pro Licenses?

3. Is upgrading databases from the older versions a pain?

4. Any other suggestions/advice/reminders/gotchas that anyone else can think of?