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FM17Go access FM17Server

Question asked by indus on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by beverly

In my business I have several solutions where a local database in FM Go interacts with a hosted database in FM Server.


I have had no problem at all with this setup. The server have been upgraded from version 13 and onwards. But the last upgrade  I use in FMGo is version 15. I skipped v16. Now I installed v17 in my iPad, just to test it before I let all users upgrade. As expected... I got problem to access the hosted file from FM17Go, but it still works on FM15Go. The interacting with server is via the scriptstep Run script on server.

FM15Go ==> FM17Server : OK

FM17Go ==> FM17Server : Not OK

Identical FM files are used in both cases.


I suppose this is due to the security setups?

Or why is it working in v15 but not in v17?

Any ideas?