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Filemaker Server 17 behind Firewall

Question asked by pfroelicher on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by pfroelicher

I have installed FMS17 on machine xx.xx.xx.20 within our network.

Our macOS Sever is on xx.xx.xx.10.

The Router is a Airpot

The Airport directs all 80/443 traffic to xx.xx.xx.10, where other http websites reside. All 5003, 16000 etc. filemaker Port go to xx.xx.xx.20.

I have a DNS name for fmserver.mydomain.xx which goes to xx.xx.xx.20



Everything works. But I cannot make Webdirect to work. With fmserver.mydomain.xx/fmi/webd it gives a Proxy error. I have to put in xx.xx.xx.20/fmi/webd to see the files.

How is this done correctly?