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Connection Failure error with locally hosted databases

Question asked by vision on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by vision

FMS running under Win Server 2016.  We always install a copy of FMP on servers to allow database recovery or other maintenance if needed.  Installation of FMP 16 on the server worked as expected in that FMP could see and open the FMS hosted files, and FMS was visible via local IP number or Bonjour.  FMP16 on all the LAN workstations see and can open the database files as well.


Changing from FMS/FMP 14 to 16 for this end user resulted in a huge slow down in DB performance for all workstations.   As a way of looking for the issue, FMP 16 on the server was uninstalled and FMPA14 installed.  FMPA14 sees the FMS16 server via direct LAN IP or Bonjour but gives the Connection Failed message instead listing or being able to open the hosted DB files including the FM Sample DB.   All workstations on the LAN running FMP16 see the FMS files as expected. 


Required ports, in and out are open. Turning off firewall on server makes no difference.  I have read the posts regarding certain extensions in the FM library on MacOS installs with FMP 16 causing a connection failure, but have not seen this with FMP14 and on a Win box.  Looking for any other suggestions to troubleshoot the cause of the failure of FMPA14 app to establish normal connection to the FMS16 server.  Unless I am reading the FM release notes incorrectly, FMP14, 15, 16 can all connect to FMS16.  Uninstalling and re-installing FMPA14 makes no difference. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.