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ExecuteSQL DateVal is buggy or french documentation is wrong

Question asked by Vincent_L on Jun 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by TSGal



English SQL reference guide reads this  DATEVAL('2019-01-30') returns 2019-01-30

French SQL reference guide ( ) reads that :

DATEVAL('2019-01-30') renvoie 30/01/2019


I wish the french documentation were right, because that would be a cool behavior, as it would help this Improve ExecuteSQL Date and Timestamp handling tremendously (effectively delivering second sub-idea)


But unfortunately ExecuteSQL DATEVAL('2019-01-30') returns  2019-01-30 on french OS, and not 30/01/2019 as told by the french documentation.


I would prefer a bug fix, rather than a documentation fix (if so do the same with TIMESTAMPVAL, where french documentation is less wrong but ambiguous, but less useful).


Also, one (and I do) could question the worthlessness of a function that returns exactly what's being impute. f(a)=a is useless, so is DATEVAL('2019-01-30') = 2019-01-30. Those DATEVAL and TIMESTAMPVAL functions should return Filemakers native date and timestamp format of the current OS settings. Like discusses here Improve ExecuteSQL Date and Timestamp handling