Filter Portal with 3 global fileds (Real time filtering)

Discussion created by anoobs on Jun 16, 2018
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i have 2 tables table 1 and table2. I wanted to show portal list of table1 in table 2 and i have 3 global fields in table2 for filtering the portal (year, month, name). so i linked table1 and table2 with these 3 fields. but my qustion is.


1. in the 3 global field over the portal if i choose 2018 in year filed and let other 2 blank i should choode all the data of 2018. and keeping that 2018 year field if i choose month january then it refiltered to year 2018 month january datas and again if i select a particular name from name filed then it should show that names in january 2018.

Now its working if i choose three global fields. but i cant see a real time filtering like if i choose only one field it should start filtering from there.

thank you.