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Need help to set up a multiple choice field.

Question asked by kace on Jun 18, 2018

After 8 years, I've purchased a newer version of FMP and am working on a database for an art group to which I belong.

I have made three tables: members is the PK; Activities is a child. I want to be able to check any of four activities and then link to it. My activities are: USkClasses; Exhibits; Volunteering (with a list of various duties) and ExhibitionClass. A member may have done any, all or none of these. I want to make it so I can check the activity they are doing and through a portal find out when they did the activity, what it was, where it was. I had never had instruction until I was able to go to a FM class in AZ many years ago. I have worked with it for many years(I believe early on it was called blue world or something like that?) but as I haven't done it recently I'm very rusty. I am studying on line at and working on learning, but as it is important to get the relationships squared away early on I was hoping someone might be able to jog my memory and get me on the right track. If someone has already worked out a database for an artists' group, I'd be interested in learning more about it. TIA. I would be happy to post anything here that would help you help me, but I'm not sure what it might be. KaCe