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IAM or Google Oauth

Question asked by pfroelicher on Jun 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2018 by wimdecorte


I am planning of moving our server FMS17 from a 2010 mini to AWS.

I have already played around with AWS EC Instances and managed fine to install, run and test a server. However I stopped at the time to look into it further because I did not find a way to make External Authentication work for our files.

We use Open Directory in our 7 People Shop for external Authentication which ran on the same 2010 Mini.. for 8 years without a glitches.

Going to the Cloud I need some other solution. We already have Google as our email service, so I could use this as authentication.

In Amazon they offer IAM Identity Access Management.

Can anybody direct me to some sources of Information about the best way to go? IAM or Google OAuth? I definitely do no want to hear about Active Directory, I tried it once and did not understand anything..

How do I make "groups". How to maintain users.. Can I even make a LDAP access to your Opendirectory putting the AWS server inside our VPN.. ? So many vectors and variables.. I did not find much written help on this subject.

help appreciated.