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How do I get focus back from FileMaker in VBA?

Question asked by bergie7isu on Jun 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by user19752

I've created a VBA macro that is initiated from Autodesk Inventor.  The macro calls for a FileMaker script to be run on the user's machine.


After the FileMaker script runs, Inventor gets the result and then displays a dialog box where the user selects "yes" or "no". 


I can't seem to get the focus back onto Inventor after that script runs without manually clicking back into the Inventor window (focus stays with FileMaker after the script runs).  I'd like to be able to hit "enter" to automatically select "yes" on the dialog box, but I have to get focus back on the Inventor window for that to happen.


Anyone know how to get VBA to steal focus from FileMaker and give it back to Inventor?  Or is there something in the FileMaker script that would prevent it from stealing focus in the first place?


Windows 10 Pro

VBA 7.1

Inventor 2017

FileMaker Pro 16