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Calculating checked boxes, Best Practices for Building

Question asked by rob.fielding on Jun 18, 2018
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I am trying to build a simple app that will allow a company to create a new multi day tour program. The tour information will include things like tour name, number of nights, total cost, city(ies) with an overnight stay with the number of nights in each overnight city, meals included per day (B,L,D) and total of all meals included.


My challengs is that I want to create three checkboxes for each day: one for breakfast, one for lunch & one for dinner. I've done that currently by changing my control style to Checkbox Set and adding values from a value list I created called Meals. The value list contain B, L, D. This method works well because I can hide the days based on criteria from my Number_of_nights field in the "Hide object when" validation field.


The challenge is when I try to create a calculation field called Total_Meals. I want an automated calculation that counts the checked B,L,D boxes and lists the results. I've tried a few count scripts but have not had any luck as yet. Thanks for any help you can offer.