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Discussion created by seanmills1020 on Jun 18, 2018
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I recently started developing a FileMaker chess desktop app, mainly for myself, and I was wondering if others might like to try it.


I have attached the latest version, and I uploaded some screenshots to my Dropbox account.


Some notes about the unlocked app:

  • Launching FM Chess results in a new game, so you are ready to play right away.
  • I developed FM Chess on a Mac (in FMP 14), but I have no idea how it looks on Windows (I suspect that FM substitutes Monaco with another monospaced font, like Courier New).
  • It is currently not designed for true multi-player use. You can certainly play with someone sitting at your computer or via screen sharing, but not via "Open Remote".
  • If you select a piece to move (yellow highlight), but change your mind, click the same square to undo, or simply select another piece.
  • You can do fancy-schmancy moves like castling and en passant.
  • Click on either player name to change the names.
  • There is no official end to a game. I test for check, not checkmate.


The game engine seems to work pretty well, but please feel free to point out any issues.





Sean Mills