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FileMaker Migration Tool - Encryption key not correct

Question asked by Andy Hibbs on Jun 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by Andy Hibbs

Has anyone come across a problem reported below by FMDataMigration.exe within Windows:


Couldn't open the source file because "(802) : Unable to open file [extended error (20414) : Encryption key not correct]."

Source: C:\Users\UserName\FilePath\FileName.fmp12


This has now happened to me twice, whereas if I take the same files, enter the same parameters within Mac OS X Terminal it works fine. This has happened in both elevated command line and in our own GUI front end we've written for FMDataMigration that allows us to select folders and enter accounts/passwords reducing the risk of syntax error.


This is a problem as all our servers are Windows based and having to copy files off and then back is negating some of the time benefit of, what is an excellent tool.


I'm starting to wonder whether Windows has a problem with our encryption password that starts with an exclamation mark. We have had problems with Windows account passwords commencing with a non alpha/numeric in the past.