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Designing my first Database in 10 years; need help starting

Question asked by kace on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by beverly

Is there a newbie area? I want to have a calculation that is triggered by the taking of a class. If the member has taken this class then an ID is issued to them so they can participate in exhibitions of their work.


I thought if I have three fields: ID, GalleryClass, GalleryClassDate


When the date of the class is filled in then GalleryClass is filled in with yes and ID is issued to them.


Only those with an ID can exhibit as they will have completed the class in framing, matting, and other topics that relate to exhibiting their work. As I am returning to FMP from a long hiatus I am hoping that someone could help me get the ball rolling.


I have thought that three tables would work for this database. The above would be fields in the main PK called Member; then I want one called Activities with fields like Volunteering; USkClasses; GalleryClass; Exhibitions and lastly a table called Exhibitions where the pieces they enter would be quantified... I thought the key for these would be the ID issued if the GalleryClass was taken for Member to Exhibit; but I'm at a loss for how to tie in Volunteering, unless I just use the FullName... does my thinking hold water? ANY help is appreciated. If this posting is in the wrong place I apologize and ask where is more appropriate. TIA