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Filter portal if record present in different portal

Question asked by lcot17 on Jun 19, 2018
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Here is my latest challenge. I was sure I had it solved the other day, but apparently not.


Take the 'Invoices' started solution as a working example. Let's assume I have a range of products in this solution, and I am going to create an Invoice. If I click 'Add Line item', it will bring up a popover displaying a portal of ALL products in the solution through a 'X' relationship.


I want to filter this portal to hide products that have already been added to the invoice. How would I achieve this?

My first guess was to add a calculation to the filter stating that If the invoice data ID matches the Invoice ID, then 0 (filter out).


This works for the first item added, but if I add these two fields being compared in the all products portal row, they have the same value. I assume this is down to the relationship type.


What would be the best solution to filtering a portal if the record is in a different related portal?