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Combine multiple field contents in one portal column

Question asked by folksytitan on Jun 18, 2018

Hi everyone!

I'm new to FileMaker, so please bear with me.


Alright, I'm in the process of creating an iPad app that will be able to evaluate scenarios in school (I'm in a paramedic program and we need to keep track of the scenarios/things learned during these scenarios for certification purposes). The file will be uploaded into the Cloud to allow remote access and up to date access wherever you are and whichever iPad you're using. Up to know, everything is good except for one thing. I'm having trouble setting up a portal for a summary of competencies practiced tracked during scenarios.


Here's what I've done up to now :

"Scenarios" T.O.

     - All the scenario templates will be added as different records. Evaluators will be evaluating directly on this table, inputing unique StudentID, and with "Import Records" script, imports the record to the student's profile and in a Scenario_Archive T.O.


"Scenario_Archive" T.O. ( relationship: Scenarios=Scenario_Archive via ScenarioID)

     - Tracks every scenario done by every student since the beginning. Acts as an archive (and also as a backup for any system bug). Scenarios, when completed, are imported via Import Records script to the scenario's archive.


"*StudentName*_Archive" T.O. (relationship: Nothing yet, part of my question to you guys!)

     - Tracks only the student specific scenarios completed by that same student. Student will only have access to their personal "Archive" without being able to modify anything (well, that's the plan. I haven't played with the security features yet). Scenarios, when completed, are imported via Import Records script to the student's archive. It will contain a portal that will display the completed competencies, and give them access to the specific scenario evaluation with the said competence.


All those T.O. almost have the same fields (up to a few exceptions). Everything is working the way I want to except for that portal. Since multiple competencies can be linked with one scenario, I've adopted a "same name, unique number" method for naming the fields (eg: Competence1, Competence 2, Competence3, etc). All those fields are programmed to validate only the data from the same Value List.


My problem is that I would like to combine all those individual competencies under one single column in that portal. I'm thinking I probably should add a "Competence" table with a relationship to Scenario_Archive (probably using the ScenarioID as the linked field), and somehow add the contents of the different "Competence'n'" fields under one field in the "Competence" table. After that, I could filter the portal results to only show the competence specific to the "StudentID". Should I link every "*StudentName*_Archive" to the "Scenario_Archive" or to the "Competence"? Could anyone guide me on the right path?


I do realize this is a big project and it can be quite confusing. Let me know if you need any clarification and I'll be happy to clear things up!





- How do I group 6 different fields that all contain data from the same Value List in a portal?

- What kind of relationship should I have here in my relationship graph?