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Using Bar Codes to trigger scripts

Question asked by Abingdon on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2018 by HOnza

FMP 15. FMS 15.
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I have a Dispatch department that is sending out 1,000 parcels per day. Although the process is relatively straightforward using an internal Filemaker Orders database and the third-party delivery company’s software to create the necessary address labels, delivery codes etc. (the two systems are not linked in any way) it is a time-consuming process and open to human error as there is a fair amount of user entered data during the process.
I want to speed up this process by using bar codes to trigger Filemaker scripts for the FM Orders database and would very much appreciate any advice you could offer.


This is the process I want to achieve.
Users scan a bar code from a printed copy of an order.  This bar code is the unique 6-digit alpha/numeric order code.  (I am looking at using Geist Interactive’s Barcode Creator to create these codes). Scanning the code triggers a script that finds the order on the FM database.

Once the order record has been found, the script takes the user to another FM layout where they may scan other bar codes directly from the screen. (I am assuming that this would require the use of a scanning device other than an i-Phone or i-Pad and the correct bar code format so it can be read from a screen?).
These barcodes trigger scripts that will enter data into fields on the order.  The data required would be very simple and be hard-coded into each script. E.g., Bar Code A being scanned would trigger Script A etc. etc.
The user continues to scan bar codes until the data required has been entered.  A final bar code then triggers a script that exports the orders delivery data to a folder where it is picked up by the third-party’s own software to produce the labels/delivery codes etc. BTW the FileMaker part of the operation ceases once the data has been exported.


The nub of it all is I want the user to be able to complete data entry without having to touch the keyboard or manually place the cursor into the field(s) that will be receiving the data.

I’m thinking that it would be possible to control all this with a single global field with the script that runs being dictated by the value entered in that global field from the bar code being scanned.  The global field would have the On Object Modify trigger attached.  Each script would end with the cursor being placed back in the global field and the global field’s value cleared ready for the scan of the next bar code.

I am at an early planning stage for this so I thought I would ask the advice of the forum before thundering off down this route.
Is this a viable method do you think?
Any recommendations for scanners?
Any recommendations for Bar Code formats?

Any advice at all would be gratefully received as always.