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Reconnecting & Data Loss in Local Files

Question asked by Macktez on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2018 by user19752

I have solutions that include a local file residing on a workstation that interacts with a hosted file. The local file does not need the hosted file for data entry; the connection is to download a job list and upload time entries. In FileMaker 16 and earlier, should the local file had been connected to the hosted file and there was a network interruption, the hosted file would reconnect or fail to do so, but the Local file would not be impacted. In FileMaker 17, if the connection cannot be re-established to the hosted file, the local file is now forced to close. That in and of itself would not be a big deal, but when the local file closes, NO DATA IS COMMITTED and DATA IS LOST.

Here's a scenario: a user downloads the job list and begins to do their timesheet when their network connection goes down. So, there's a series of lines entered in the portal when the network connection is down. In FM16 and earlier, the user could keep working or close the local file, and any work in progress would be saved with the local file. The time entered in the portal would be saved because the user would close the file, committing the data. In FM17, when the connection is lost and FM closed the Local file, it doesn't commit the data and data is lost.

This change in behavior resulting in data loss seems like a bug. But if this behavior is intentional, I'll need to change the workflow to add commit steps after leaving portal rows, or adding onTimer commits scripts, or some other workaround to protect data and hopefully not interrupt user entry much.

Any thoughts on this situation?