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Layout with unwanted changes to related table

Question asked by slastuka on Jun 19, 2018
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I am using Filemaker 16 to build a 'timesheet' database with three tables (ok, there are four, but I'm ignoring that fourth one for now).  One table has information about employees (salary, name ect).  Another has information about the project they will charge (name, project duration ect).  The last table is a timesheet where each record will include the employee name, project name, the IDs for each employee/project and date range they intend to charge that project.


In the timesheet layout there is a pull-down that lists the first (& last) name of each person in the employees table.  However, when I try to make a record by selecting an employee name from the pull-down list, it changes the actual first name data (in the employees table) for the ID that is present in the timesheet layout. 


I'd like to select an employee name in my timesheet layout, then have that name auto-change the employee ID field in the timesheet layout.  Then, they'd select the project from a pull-down.  They would then select a date range... and we'd have a time sheet record   Then I'd l like the employee to hit a 'new record' button and do another entry for a different project or date.


I have tried some scripts to get this to work, but it isn't working, and its not very elegant.  I feel like there should be an easy way.


See attached timesheet layout and relational table diagram.


I'm obviously quite new to filemaker...