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script import forgets settings

Question asked by njem on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2018 by njem

Import script step not stable. I've seen stuff about if you change fields in a table, but this isn't that. As Admin I create a script and I have it import "with dialog" first. In the dialog I set it to "first line is names" (it's a csv file) and to match fields by Match Names. Works consistently. Then I set it to run without dialog.


But when user X logs into the file and runs it, it forgets first line is names and forgets which field matching to use. If I set it to show the dialog you can see it's wrong and correct it, but I don't want users doing that. Even after we correct it there, and the next run it gets it right, next day, computer has been rebooted, FM has been restarted, the import is wrong again. Won't even remember it for the given used.


The file name and location and fields are consistent, never changing.


How can I get the import to do it the way I asked, regardless what user it is?