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Installed fonts working on one FM17 Client and not on another

Question asked by CarstenLevin on Jun 20, 2018
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A customer of us is reporting a problem after upgrading til FMS and FMPA 17.

Fonts that previously worked fine is not now working on a new setup. probon one machine while working on others.



  1. Both running FileMaker 17 on Mac.
  2. FIleMaker Server 17.
  3. Fonts installed on both machines and available in the font menu.
  4. But when opening the same file, going to the same layout .
    1. .. on Machine A the font is replaced with Helvetica
    2. .. on Machine B it is displaying correct.


I gave the customer the advice not to stat changing anything here. Since the layout is correctly set to display


What could be the reason, and what could be the cure?


Here the font is correctly displayed as "Trade Gothic":



Same layout on another Mac. Here the font is displayed as Helvetica:


But as you can see here Trade Gothic is present and working: