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FM thinks two number values are not the same, when they are.

Question asked by robk on Jun 20, 2018
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I am in a situation where I'm trying to compare two number values in two different fields in the same table, for testing purposes.

One value is in a calculation field the result of which is set to be a number. The other one is a simple number field. The number field holds imported grand totals from recent backup. The calculation field is the same grand total field in the development solution. The purpose is to confirm data accuracy, in the updated solution.


The comparison works on most of the records in the table, as a script omits records where the two fields match. However, I'm still left with a few records where the imported grand total (number) and the active grand total (calculation) fields hold the same number, but FileMake does not consider them equal.

I checked in the data viewer:

NumberField = CalculationField




Does anyone have any insight why this might happen?


Thank you for your time.