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Repeating field behavior with Server?

Question asked by wxtyrs on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by philmodjunk

New to Filemaker, I have some basic questions about Repeating Fields:


1.  A Repeating Field is a single pre-specified one-dimensional array stored in single Filemaker field?


2.  Retrieving from Server a single Repeating Field value (eg, FieldValue[2]) downloads the entire array (FieldValue)?


3.  Repeating fields provide inherent performance advantages, when downloading from Server a given set of values, in terms of less disk access (read/writes) but not necessarily less bandwidth (network) use?


4.  Are there hidden performance downsides to using repeating fields (virtual lists) - granted they are less flexible, etc?


For example, I may want only one a single stored element or value from a repeating field.  But, if the repeating field array is large in size (many values), retrieving that one value may entail a significant network overhead.


5.  Are there significant difference in how Repeating Fields perform across different FMP platforms (eg, iOS)?


6.  Do Repeating Fields have adverse security implications in relation to encryption, etc?


7.  Are Repeating Fields in any way more corruptible (data loss) than conventional fields?


8.  How does such performance degrade the larger the Repeating Field array (number of elements)?


     Of course this depends partly on whether one can download a single element from a repeating field array or not.

     Is any such degradation linear?




My interest relates to parsing, viewing and then exporting certain large imported fixed length data sets.


I am not interested in data capture, for example.


Thank you.