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Speed of adding file to container extreme slow

Question asked by PaSav-ICT on Jun 20, 2018
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When i want to add a file to a container this takes up to 1:30 for 250KB doc, when i do this remotely over the internet. When i do it locale in the same network it is seconds.

- the server is connected to a 100 / 100 Mbs Fiber.

- the client is connected to 100 / 100 Mbs Fiber ore other location 200/40 Mbps


Server is a Mac mini with 16GB RAM, and 256 GB SSD. Running FM Server 16.0.4.


Database is 10+ GB because of the attachments, previous developer dit not use external containers.


I tryed a new container field, that was external, but there is no speed advances in this.


I have to try this DB on a other location, but don't know if it is faster yet.


We moved it from the FM Cloud, there we used a ECC1 so with less spec's and we did not this problem. But other problems made us move out of the FM Cloud.


If is see the stats in the Console there is no spike in the statistics.

So is this the internet line or do i have to look somewhere else to solve this.

The spec's are good, so i don't see bottleneck there.