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Enter record button scripting error

Question asked by siddma on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by siddma

Hello everyone,


I am having trouble with one of my scripts (picture attached).


This script is supposed to do the following things. I have buttons to save record.

1) This script saves new record.

2) Shows error message when required fields are not entered in a new record.

3) After editing a old record the user is warned with an error messageError Message.JPG if user is sure to save the changes if not press cancel and the record goes back to it's original state. 


So now the steps 1 and 2 works perfectly fine but in 3 everything works other than when I click the button to save changes after editing the record it still pops up the error message. I don't know what is wrong with my script.


I would greatly appreciate if someone can help me rewrite the script since I am fairly new to FileMaker I still don't know a lot of the scripting language. If someone can write the script below it'll be great! Thanks for your help.