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Loop question

Question asked by keka on Jun 21, 2018
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I'm using Filemaker cloud for the first time and I had some issues with the media on my database. As we are dealing with hundreds of videos, I always import them in batches via file-import-folder. Filemaker only imports video files as reference, even when you select not to import as reference, therefore, the videos/media is not visible as soon as I disconnect the hard drive where the media is.

Filemaker Support suggested I did a Loop script to address this issue, which works great! The problem I have now is that it reimports the media every time I run the script.


The support team suggested that I set a flag when a file has been inserted correctly

Having a variable that is set to 0, but when the video is inserted correctly it's set it to 1.

At the beginning of where the loop starts I could then check this variable to see if it is 0 or 1. If it is 1 then you can skip that file.


I just don't know how to build this script.

Could someone please help me incorporate this to my script?


Attached is how it is at the moment.


Thank you!