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FM Sever 11 transfer

Question asked by vatl on Jun 21, 2018
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We have a FM db hosted with a 3rd party - that server went down and I have been trying for days to get any response, but no luck. We also can no longer get into the Admin section or the FTP area.

Since we had some reliability issues in the past, we did run manual backups daily and I have created a mirror image of the DB on another FM hosting service. However, when I open the DB and it tells me that our file could not be opened (from the server) and I go to "Remote..." and point it to the new host with the identical DB and table, the new DB opens but NOTHING matches - it basically just goes down the order and populates every field in our form with new fields in alphabetical order. This would not be too bad as I can fairly quickly re-assign the fields in the forms, but it also does that with every script and that would take me forever to fix (as you can tell, this solution is quite old and I am not even sure I still remember everything I did back then).

Is there a trick, or something I need to specify to make sure it keeps the field names the way they were?