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Filemaker server 16 service stops on worker machine on a weekly basis

Question asked by DSKatSCL on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by wimdecorte

Filemaker server 16 service stops on worker machine on a weekly basis.  For the last 4 months my IT folks and I have been trying to figure out and issue where FileMaker Server 16 services are stopped on a worker machine.  Trying to see if anyone has seen this before and if any one has an idea of what to look for either in FMS or in the Windows Servers themselves that could be interrupting or stopping the FMS services.


Both the Master and Worker servers on running Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise w/ SP1

8GB of Memory

and plenty of free disk space 199GB frre on Master, and 105GB free on Worker.

See attached system specs.


It started doing this on every Monday morning.  The FMS services would stop, then after about a month it moved to Tuesday mornings, then Wednesday mornings, and now every Thursday morning right around midnight.I only know it around midnight because that is when the emails start coming in from users to let me know that they can't access their applications.


FM help desk has seemed to exhausted their ideas?  Please let me know if you need further info to clarify or troubleshoot this.