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Better performance, text or number?

Question asked by user17152 on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by philmodjunk

I have a simple question regarding performance.  I am building a customizable "dashboard" style interface for a task manager.  Each task has a type and category.  For example, one of our categories is "Planning" and one of the task types within Planning is "RFQ".  Users can show/hide entire categories or customize what tasks types they see within each category.  There are other ways to filter the data too, ie: by date range, completion status, etc.


When I started this project, I used unique three letter codes for each task type.  An RFQ's task type was "RFQ".  We didn't have categories then.  I'm starting to rewrite this part of the project and am wondering if I should stick with letter codes or switch to using numbers.  Instead of RFQ, the type would be 101, for example.


The task interface is in one table, Viewer, and tasks are stored in the Tasks table.  Users can create multiple Viewer records, each with its own filter criteria.  A relationship incorporating several different match fields connects Viewer to Tasks.  The match field on the Viewer side will always be a text field because I am using a multiline relationship (a list of task types being viewed).  If I change my Task code field from text to number, the Viewer side of the relationship would still be text.


So, all of that being said, are there any performance gains to be had using a number field type versus text field type in the scenario I've described?