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Filemaker GO 17 connecting onto MBP...

Question asked by jhglobal on Jun 21, 2018

I am having a BEAR of a time connecting my iPad using Filemaker GO 17 onto my MBP.  I've read other similar posts and implemented corrected activities, including:


1) adding security to the Filemaker Pro 17 file on the MBP

2) port forwarding to 5003

3) static IP address on router


I even played around with a VPN, to no avail.  No matter what I do, I still keep getting, "Unavailable" messages on the iPad.  ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.


I only need to connect (via cellular hotspot) one iPad to one MBP that hosts one Filemaker Pro file.  I'd really rather not go the Filemaker Pro Server route.


Oddly, when on the same works great.


Thank you!