FM 16/17 Web Direct and the "real world"

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Jun 21, 2018
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Hello everyone.

I would like some opinions on how well FileMaker 16/17 works in a real world application.


My objective:


I want to open access to certain parts of a FileMaker database (to be developed) via:


• FileMaker Pro (internal network) - for admin


• FileMaker Go (external WAN network via internet) - for users to access records that are allocated to only them


• Web Direct is also being considered with the same objective in mind as FileMaker Go - public facing.



access will include uploading documents into containers which will then be moved into specific folders on the server (BE Plugin on server will no doubt be implemented here) and stored securely, using FileMaker's container security.


The total number of users will be anything up to 95 users, with about 25 concurrent users.


My question is this:

Do you (honestly) think that FileMaker is the best platform for this sort of task.

I am capable of building the solution, with the security levels required for various users, I know that it's capable of doing the job, but I am not sure how well it can do the job.

My intention is to build a prototype and host in on a test server in order to test the real world user experience, but before I do this, I'd love to hear from other developers to get a feel for the best way forward.

Is FileMaker going to handle this well enough?


Please let me know of real world experiences... thanks!