More than 1167 TO's are truncated after Windows Spring Update

Discussion created by smith7180 on Jun 21, 2018
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After a Windows Professional 64 bit machine receives the Windows 2018 Spring Update and its subsequent patches, FileMaker 15, 16, and 17 will no longer display TO's after the 1167th:


I've tested this issue on around 5 different PCs.  I've outlined the issues in the following screenshots.  I will also attach a zip file with the screenshots and test solutions.


Recreating the issue is fairly straightforward:

  • On a PC with Windows 10 Professional 64bit, get the Spring 2018 update and its subsequent patches.
  • Create a solution.
  • Copy past the TO to quickly produce >1167 TO's.
  • Create a script, choose the set field step, choose specify, and then choose from the list of table occurences
  • When choosing TO's, the list will be truncated.  you will not see the final TO's, the divider, or the "Manage Database..." option
  • Fields previously chosen from truncated TO's will have their TO display as "<unknown>"


Installing/reinstalling FileMaker has never solved this issue for me.  Reinstalling the OS always solves the issue, until the recent Windows updates occur at which point the issue always recurs. 


Screenshots displaying these steps:

1165 TO's:

1 (1).jpg

The TO list display correctly:

1 (2).jpg


Same with 1166 TO's:

1 (3).jpg


However when we add a 1167th TO, the issue appears:


1 (4).jpg


And it persists with any subsequent TO's:


1 (5).jpg


If you try this with a field from a truncated TO, you get this:


1 (6).jpg


Thanks for your attention.