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File version number curiosity from a Windows user

Question asked by somersdavel50 on Jun 22, 2018
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After reading a recent discussion about file version numbers influencing whether or not a file could open in FM 17, I began to wonder about the versions of my own solutions. These solutions were originally generated in FM 12 and they carry the ".fmp12" extension on my Windows systems which are currently running FM 16 Pro/Advanced and being accessed from the server running FM15 server.


Being a Windows user, I have always experienced the ability to upgrade file versions (e.g. Word files from .doc to .docx). The reason I'm writing is that someone on the community site posted about trouble getting their older version files to open with FM 17, and I was wondering how do you get the version of your files to be updated to the new version of the software, or is that just a Windows thing that is irrelevant? I know it's a very simple question, but I would hate to find myself in a position where we cannot get to the our .fmp12 files after an upgrade simply because I did not take the right steps to upgrade the files along the way as the software versions advanced.