FM 17 Custom Dialog and Local Variable

Discussion created by fbm1 on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by jbrown

Just a quick note that may save someone a few minutes of trial and error regarding the option to save user input to a variable with FM 17 custom dialog. 


In order for the input to be saved to a variable the "commit data" box must be checked, which to me seemed unnecessary as I was not saving the data to a field.


So, not wanting any data to be committed at the time of the user input I had the commit data box unchecked.  However the step which called the local variable seemed to not evaluate the variable correctly.  Looking at the data viewer I noticed the local variable was not being initialized with the user input data. 


After checking the commit data box, the local variable would then be initialized with the user input data, however I was concerned that by checking the commit data box this would attempt to commit the record prematurely.


A little experimentation confirmed that there was no attempt to commit the record as a result of the commit data box being check.