Tip: Photographs Of Reflective Surfaces

Discussion created by stevestearns on Jun 22, 2018
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I wrote a FileMaker database to manage and track vehicles, that also has the ability to request trespass tows, which are usually requested after dusk and before dawn on iOS to avoid irate trespassers or violators. These photographs were taken with Apple's Camera app, but the problem was taking photographs of the reflective license plates or inspection sticker through glass were hit or miss and were not the best quality. Reflective surfaces are tough especially in low or no light conditions.


Yesterday, I did a search on the Internet and discovered that Camera+ has a torch mode that activates the flashlight rather than the flash, so you obtain higher quality photographs that can then be imported into FileMaker, so the GPS data is maintained. The photograph is obtained in the first photograph, rather than the hit or miss that I had been a challenge before.


I thought this tip would be useful for anyone else who was struggling with a similar use case.