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FMS 17 FTL User License

Question asked by james.saldana on Jun 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2018 by wimdecorte



I'm a bit confused about one aspect of the FTL for FileMaker 17 Server (not FileMaker 16 Server).


If I buy 5 user licenses, one per user, how is that managed? If User-A logs into the desktop version of FMPA then walks away from his/her desk and later accesses FileMakerGo using the same account login (forgetting to log out of FMPA), will that count as one or two connections?


In other words, if the license is per user, shouldn't they be able to log into FMPA and FMGO at the same time on the same account and not count against the total?


I can see situations where the total is maxed out because someone logged in twice. If that counts as two instead of one, then FileMaker should give users the option to close the connect on other devices using their account.


And no, I don't think we should have to buy extra licenses or a concurrent license, if it's per user. One user should be able to access FMPA and FMGO simultaneously on a single login/account, or disconnect the other connection as suggested. This would help to avoid awkward conflicts because someone forgot to log out of their first device.