Blind Accessibility

Discussion created by fmnotsopro on Jun 22, 2018
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Hi Everyone,


I found out today that we are interviewing a unique candidate next week for an open position within our organization. She is blind (no sight), and our needs requires the position to data enter information into a FileMaker application.  The application was built using FM16, and Windows 10, and contains close to 200 layouts, with many popups and fields that are hidden (or shown) based on different criteria. IE. It would seem to be next to impossible for someone to be able to count the tabs and be confident that they were on a certain field.


Apparently she is a computer user wiz, and uses some type of windows add-on "OCR" tool which speaks back based on text recognition within applications. She has no issues commanding office applications such as word, excel, outlook et al.


We will attempt to install and test out this "OCR" tool at some point, but I just thought I'd ask the forum if you have ever crossed this scenario, and if you have any ideas of ways we can accommodate this candidate.