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Adding to WooCommerce - cURL vs Insert from URL

Question asked by Michael Frankel on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by Michael Frankel

Hi Gang -


I have a question about running a command on the server machine using PSOS.


First, my environment - Windows Server 2016 running on an EC2 instance on AWS. FileMaker Server is version 16.


Second, since Windows does not normally come with CURL (at least this server didn't have it), I've installed CURL manually on the server machine, added it to the system PATH, and verified that it works when I'm logged into the server using RDP.


Third, I've attempted to do this operation using Insert from URL without success. Every time the message I get is that "adding resources using REST API is not supported". If I run the CURL command natively however (using BaseElements plug-in), it works perfectly.


Fourth, BaseElements version 3.3.7 is installed on the FileMaker Server as a server plug-in.


So, my question is this: can I get the CURL command to run on the server using PSOS? If so, does anyone have any suggestions how to make it work?




Michael Frankel

Wizard Consulting Group, Inc.