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FMS, Cloud Needs Upgrades asap

Question asked by chuckburr on Jun 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by LSNOVER

There are a few things we are discovering moving into FMS and Cloud that really need resources dedicated to them now. To be practical, FileMaker needs to address these issues.

1) Import and delete records on FMS takes hours, or locks up instead of minutes or seconds. Searches are slow.

2) Server cannot import from FileMaker-to-FileMaker tables. Moving data within FM should be fast and a breeze.

3) You cannot schedule a service on FM Cloud, you have to use FMS.

4) Cloud and FMS hosting is too complicated. The future is something as easy as Apple's iCloud, you just choose to turn it on (File / Sharing / Upload to FM Cloud) , it just works fast, if you need more storage it just tells you and how much it will cost, you just pay Apple. Things such as re-direct from a domain you own, favicon, should all just be settings. You should be able to get it running in the time it takes to copy the database(s) to the cloud. I don't care where the cloud is (Amazon, Google, Microsoft), just the FileMaker hides that and it just works for thousands of users not hundreds.

5) Native mobile apps only, kill FM Go. Apple makes the iPhone, Apple owns FileMaker and we still cannot have FM run iOS and Android native. Facebook with React and other innovations are going to zoom past where we are today if we do not make this infrastructure investments we need to be competitive in the future.


Over all, migrating from FMP to FMS or Cloud is a big time suck and performance reduction.