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FileMaker 17 Perform Script by Name fails with single colon in script name

Question asked by philipHPG on Jun 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2018 by mrwatson-gbs

I finally have an opportunity to take advantage of FileMaker 17's new Perform Script by Name functionality. (Most of our users are still on FM16 so we haven't taken advantage of all the functionality yet.) However, it appears that a script name with a colon in it breaks the functionality. So, for example, I can run the script "Rebuild menu" but not the script "Menu: perform action". (Trying the latter gives me an error message of: "This script cannot be found or has been deleted.")


I see in the documentation that script names are case sensitive and that the double colon is used to specify a script from an external file, however I have verified that case is not an issue and I am using a single colon.


Has anyone else experienced this issue?