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Go to related Accountname, Department, Directorate

Question asked by hikmat on Jun 24, 2018
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Dear sir, i have read alots of your comments and learn enough to reach this far, now you have become my legend so i mentioned u here

i made a correspondence management system, which is capable to send, receive, accept, reject the hard-copies of official documents between 20 directorates (200 departments), my intention is to further work on it and connect it to a BI to analyse the total average time a correspondence takes to get executed and reach its destination, since i am new to FM and its my first time first app, i couldnt figure out how to make a Account name layout child to a department, grandchild to a directorate and parent to a correspondence and grand parent to a sub correspondence (copies of a correspondence to different department)

attached is the file, all accounts are without pass, plz help me,

Thank you in advance from a war torn country (Afghanistan), the project will help millions lives