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WebDirect - listview - hang on sorting/finding/data-entering

Question asked by SergeBerney-KinSA on Jun 25, 2018
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We have currently 2 servers with exactly same configuration of FM server 16 but different licence :

Server #1 (test) : FLT 5 users

Server #2 (production) : FMS + 30 anonymous connections

On each server, we have about 25 solutions running / 20 peoples are connected on production server (#2).


All is working fine on server #1, but we came across an issue on server #2 (production!) with WebDirect (only) listview.


Issue:  When we go to a webdirect listview if we do any operation on the listview (sorting the list, filtering the list or simply updating the data values in the listview), the webdirect list view freezes after a few tries of sorting or filtering or manipulating the data on the listview.

We try with a new created file with only 1 field and a button to sort the list and still the same isssue is happening.

The same file are working fine on server #1


"Workaround" : when the page freezes, we have to logout in order to get back to the solution.


Version :


Windows : Server 2012 R2 Standard 64 bits

Same component & configuration (antivirus/firewall/...) are applied on servers.


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