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How can I use Master-Detail view as a pick-list?

Question asked by davehob on Jun 25, 2018
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I'm loving FM17's master-detail function, and I'm using it to replace a list view layout.  (In the old version, clicking on a  record takes the user to a detail view on a separate layout - it'll be great to have the detail view on the same layout now.)    One challenge though.  In the old, list view version, the list view doubles up as a pick-list, with check-boxes to enable the user to select people for emailing, reporting, etc.  Like this (this is the old version):


Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 11.29.06.png

Does anyone have any tips for reproducing this in the portal of the m-d view?  So what I really want to do is have the user click on the portal row to select it, without making it the active portal row (and thereby showing the detail).