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PDFs created with FP17 fail to print.

Question asked by Abingdon on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by krissy

Product and version FileMaker Pro Ad.

Windows 8.1 PCs

Printer – Xerox D95.


PDFs created with FP17 fail to print.Previous FM versions when opened with FP17 also do not create a printable PDF.

I created a simple layout locally to test if FPA 17 created pdfs would print.  They don’t, it looks like the pdf data is not being sent to the printer (although the screen print dialogue looks like it is being sent).


Opening the FP17 created database in earlier versions does not solve the problem until you open it in FPA 14.02, pdfs created from this version will print.


Databases created in earlier versions and then opened in FP17 with a pdf being created using FP17 version also will not print.


How to replicate – See attachments below.


Workaround (but not a practical one) save pdf as optimised before printing.


Attached 1 –  FPA 14.02 database.  Open this in FP14, create PDF and attempt to print.  Should print fine.  Open same database in FP17, create PDF and see if it prints.

Attached 2 – two pdfs created as above. Test which prints.


This is an identical problem to FM versions after 14.2, numerous threads cover this.  It’s a real shame to see it here again.

We have no choice what printers to use.