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Discussion created by TKnTexas55 on Jun 25, 2018
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When I was the "host" for the four files we share, I had a script to backup at night.  I copied to my Google Drive for syncing offsite.  With a FMS17 Server, I have to script a new back up to a neutral folder that the backup server archives offsite.  My fault, I did not make it a high priority.  We are upgrading to an new version of our accounting system, I have been installing workstations.  When I returned to the office my co-worker mentioned having problems with a table he was creating, that he links to the server-based files.


He deleted EVERY record from one of the files.  Since I had uploaded to the FMS17 server on the 11th, I used that to restore.  Then I could reload transactions from 11th to 22nd manually. 


Now I need to create a new Security Profile, if I can.  I know my scripts can do importing with "Full Access".  But I want to make three of the tables where other users cannot cannot add or delete records, except by scripts to import.  Of these three, I still want to make it possible to use the data through a relationship that the limited users can create.  The fourth file, I need to make it so they cannot delete, but adding a new record is ok. 


I have the Learn Filemaker Pro 16 book.  Is Help sufficient, explanatory enough?