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Email Account Authentication with G Suite

Question asked by cathd on Jun 25, 2018



I’m using FM 17 Sendmail with Multiple attachments on the server to send email via a selection of google accounts all managed under one Google Suite account.


All accounts have already been set to allow less secure apps access, but what I have also found is for each account, email will not be sent unless the device IP (sending the email) is also known to the account.


I can make this happen by logging into each account on the server via a browser so that the account learns the server IP, but this is problematic.  I don’t own the accounts and although I have account details, each account has different 2 factor verification.  Its a lot of hoops to jump through.


So my question is can I set up some sort of high level recognition on the G Suite admin account which will recognise the server IP for all of the children accounts?


Thanks in advance