To Window or not to Window...

Discussion created by techt on Jun 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hello everyone,


I've just hit on yet another oscillation (mine, not FM) of creating a new window or just going to the related record (typically). So I'm wondering how others handle this. There are times when looking at a list of records, more detail or  some other action is desired.


So, do I pop a new window to retain the list and work on the details, or just go to the related record and keep a clean desktop. Certainly, FM17 makes this dead-easy with the new Master-Detail functionality, but I'm finding even that has limitations. There are still just some areas where a full-on list view is more desirable than a "split" screen.


Lots of windows are pretty easy to deal with on a desktop, but I have inserted a last window close script to catch me if I'm inadvertently closing the last window (more times than I care to admit). The other catch, if you will, is the iPad. Multiple windows aren't necessarily a problem, they're just not readily visible, regardless how far you set the offset. WebDirect isn't far from this either.


I'm curious to know how other people address this issue. Different actions for a particular platform, or just do it regardless. I'm looking forward to learning a different approach.