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How to limit number of characters after the decimal point

Question asked by on Jun 26, 2018
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Hello Community,


I have a number field which is the calculation field of time. So, it will look at time field and convert time to decimal. I am also willing to make this field editable so user can override the calculation.


But I would like to limit users to type up to one decimal place. So user should not be able to type more than one character.


If the calculation results  is 2 characters after the decimal point; I want that to always be limited 1.


For Example.


if calculation result is 1.23 - > Field should only have 1.2


and same if users are editing this field. So user can type only one number after the decimal point.


Overall, I want this field to have only character/number after the decimal point with no rounding.


How can I achieve this.


Many Thanks.