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SSL Certificate Update not working

Question asked by DavidMansfield_2 on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2018 by fmpdude


I have looked around and cant seem to find an answer to this so here goes.


Our SSL certificate (issued via Godaddy) expired and someone tried to renew it. They accidentally revoked the certificate on GoDaddy so it got completely deleted.

So, we purchased a new SSL certificate and then on FileMaker Server (version 15) under SSL Connections went to create request and "Start Over".  Done all the usual stuff, created, imported the certificate.

And on the FileMaker server control panel it looks ok, i click View Certificate and it expires in 2 years from now.

BUT...  On any browsers, including those that have never visited the site, it fails and wont connect as it says the certificate is out of date and has the old expiry date.


Is there something else I have to do on the FileMaker server to get the certificate to work properly?