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May I use my SSL Certificate from my macOS Server with FMS 16 also?

Question asked by tcmeyers on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2018 by tcmeyers

I have a registered domain and a certificate that I got from RapidSSL using the macOS Server process, where the helper in Server generates the CSR, and you submit that to the certificate authority. That has been working fine for years, though recently I needed to replace it because of the lack-of-trust Symantec issue.


I now want to open my FileMaker Server to the outside world. We've never used SSL with FMS because it was all in-house. But of course with it being available externally is should now be SSL. For external access the domain will be the same,, just via port 5003 rather than 443.


The FMS machine is a separate machine than the macOS Server web server.


It seems like I ought to be able to, maybe even NEED to use the same certificate for both. But FMS 16 has it's own "helper" for creating a CSR. I don't want to redo the process if I don't need to, or shouldn't. How does a person use the same existing certificate from macOS Server and apply it to FMS 16?


Thanks for any guidance!